I am a computer engineering B.S. student at the University of Utah.

Professional headshot of Kenneth Gordon.

Nice to Meet You

As a Utah native, I decided to study computer engineering at the University of Utah after graduating from high school in 2021.  During the summer of my freshman year of college, I interned at Sandia National Laboratories; an experience that was extremely valuable to me and help to solidify to me that I wanted to study computer engineering.  During the fall semester of my sophomore year of college, I decided to study abroad in South Korea for a semester.  During that semester, I realized that I am able to quickly adapt to different environments while still being able to work efficiently.

Currently, my goal is to pursue a Master's degree in computer engineering at the University of Utah after I graduate with my Bachelor's degree in computer engineering.  Through my studies, I've realized that I've developed a passion for digital system design, analog circuit design, and programming.

In terms of personal interests, I am a violist and greatly enjoy playing my viola.  I also still have a passion for travel and hope that in the future, I will be able to explore the world.  I'm always open to new experiences, cultures, and ways of thinking.  Furthermore, I quite enjoy what I do when it comes to computer engineering, and when I'm not doing work, I can often be found coding a new program or designing a new circuit for fun.