Temperature Sensor

November 2022 - December 2022

Project Description

The temperature sensor is an analog sensor that uses a thermistor and a series of op-amps to turn on three different LEDs at different temperature thresholds depending on ambient temperature conditions.  This project was created as the final project for my ECE1240 class however, besides minimal circuit debugging, the design, construction, and overall execution of the circuit is entirely my idea.

Block Diagram

Below is a block diagram of my temperature sensor.

Circuit Diagram

Below is an LTSpice circuit diagram of my temperature sensor.

Circuit Demonstration

Below is a video showcasing my temperature sensor in action.

ECE1240 - Final Project Showcase - Kenneth Gordon.avi

Final Design Report

Below is a copy of my final design report for the temperature sensor.

ECE 1245_1050 - FDR - Kenneth Gordon.pdf