May 2019 - July 2019


Project Description

ExtempFile was created for one purpose. A way to quickly and easily download news articles for use in extemporaneous-style debate.  When ExtempFile was created, the rules of extemporaneous-style debate (extemp) stated that students could not use the internet during their speech preparations.  Because of this, it was necessary for students to download relevant news articles to act as their sources for their speeches.  To help minimize the workload on myself and my fellow teammates, I created ExtempFile to automate the source downloading process for extemp speeches.  Although ExtempFile was created with extemporaneous debate in mind, it can be used as yet another way to consume news (although that would probably be a very roundabout method of reading the news).

The school-year following the creation of ExtempFile, the rules for extemp changed such that students are now allowed to use the internet for the speech sources.  Because of this, my development of ExtempFile has stopped as it is no longer needed.  The project was originally developed in August of 2019 for the Taylorsville high school debate team.

Code Repository

A link to the project's Gitlab code repository can be found here.

Live Version

A live version of the application for Windows machines can be downloaded here.