Tower Defense

November 2021 - January 2022

Project Description

Tower Defense is a game written in Java where the player is tasked to prevent waves of enemies from reaching the end of the game's path.  The player can do this by placing tower objects next to the path that automatically work to destroy the enemies marching towards the end of the path.  With each enemy killed, the player earns money to purchase more towers.  This project was created as my final project for my CS1420 class however the overall execution of the project is entirely my own.

The spawn pattern of enemies within the game can be customized by opening up the game's jar file with an archiving tool such as 7-Zip and navigating to the resources folder.  There, the file called "spawn-sequence.txt" can be edited with the following commands to create a custom enemy spawn pattern for the game:

Code Repository

As this project was a final project for a university class, I will not be sharing my source code publicly in order to prevent academic misconduct.  The source code however, is available for view upon the request of any prospective employer.

Live Version

A live version of the application can be downloaded here.